In order to maintain attention towards creativity, it's important to ensure we don't become stuck in patterns. To that end, one must always work on breaking stereotypes.

I'm reminded by a story of the Contrary Warriors to remain true to oneself and the importance of being free.

Within the Native American Plains tribe, a group of soldiers existed known as Contrary Warriors.
Heading into battles while riding horses facing backwards; greeting others by saying "goodbye"; attacking when ordered to retreat; as their name suggests, they were thought of as being backwards-forwards, upside-down, or contrary in nature. Those who witnessed them for the first time seemed to be unable to comprehend their actions, mistaking them for clowns of simply fools.

However, these warriors viewed unconsciously repeated actions as a distraction from the freedom of choices and possibilities that exist, hence daring to take the extreme opposite actions in order to challenge the fixed concepts of tribe culture.
Rather than blindly accepting the customs that have been passed down from older generations, the desire to create and care for one's own culture, and in a sense, doubt, make it necessary to adapt to the times and ever-changing environment.

Most modern menswear is based on utility wear such as work, outdoor or military. Garments born for a specific purpose: to perform special tasks with, to fight or to survive in harsh environments. What if you were to reinterpret those purposes within yourself? What would we consider practical and useful in the present era?

Made with a different yet complimentary approach to visvim and Indigo Camping Trailer products, the concept of "CONTRARY DEPT" focuses on the reinterpretation and restructuring of utility wear; the disassembling of previous ideas to freely reconstruct to reflect the sense you have today.

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left: 0519905010002 JUMBO TEE S/S (N.P.), center: 0518905010002 JUMBO TEE S/S (N.P.), right: 0519905010002 JUMBO TEE S/S (N.P.)

0518905010002 JUMBO TEE S/S (N.P.)
0519905010002 JUMBO TEE S/S (N.P.)

Jumbo silhouette t-shirt featuring a dry texture cotton.

The paint detail of each piece showing subtly differences and unique expressions, are hand-painted by hand by Kyoto artisans based on the originals drawn by Hiroki Nakamura.

0519905013004 IRIS LINER JKT

0519905013004 IRIS LINER JKT

Our seasonal quilted jacket with a relaxed silhouette. The slightly narrow shoulder width and sleeve length ensures that it can be worn not only as an outer jacket but also as a liner. The main fabric is made of high-density satin fabric with a low gloss matte look.

Rayon is used for lining with a polyester filling. Reversible design with double-opened Swiss custom "riri®" zippers. The detachable striped bib is initialed "C / D", hand-painted by Kyoto artisans piece by piece.

0519905013002 GREASE MONKEY COAT

0519905013002 GREASE MONKEY COAT

Our classic shop overcoat, reintroduced in jacquard fabric characterized by a texture that has been worn out and withered for many years. The A-line silhouette gives room in the body approaching the hem, with wide, spacious sleeves.

The lining is made of high-density rayon yarn and high-twisted cotton yarn, giving it a firm and glossy texture. The back of the neckline and cuffs feature hand-spun and hand-woven Buyi fabric.

0519905010007 RIBS HENLEY L/S

0519905010007 RIBS HENLEY L/S

A long-sleeve tee with tight silhouette using back fawn fabric characterized by fine ribbing.

The henley neck features original nut buttons, with the CONTRARY DEPT stamp on the left chest is hand-pressed one by one by a Kyoto craftsman.

left: 0519901001001 SKAGWAY HI, right: 0519901001002 SKAGWAY LO

0519901001001 SKAGWAY HI
0519901001002 SKAGWAY LO

Vulcanized sneakers that have been damaged processed. The upper is made of herringbone fabric woven from twisted cotton yarns.

The lining is made of breathable cow leather, and the midsole molded from a PU cupsole for excellent shock absorption.

left: 0518905013006 IRIS LINER JKT CAMO, right: 0519905008001 VETERANS PANTS CRASH

0518905013006 IRIS LINER JKT CAMO

Herringbone fabric woven with twisted cotton yarn is used for the main fabric to express the texture of nylon. Rayon is used for lining and polyester for the filling.

Reversible design with double-ended vintage "CROWN®" zippers.


A shawl collared coat with raglan cut sleeves and an A-line silhouette; the ichimatsu checkered fabric is created from naturally dyed woven silk yarns, uniquely different for each warp and weft.

Natural indigo is combined with mud for the brown colorway, Japanese pagoda and logwood for the black colorway; each creating a unique texture from this dyeing process.

0519905013003 VALDEZ COAT

0519905013003 VALDEZ COAT

Our version of the military N-3B parka coat, updated with an A-line silhouette and round body at the hem. Army nylon twill fabric is used for the main fabric. The textured "C / D" on the left chest is hand-painted by a Kyoto craftsman. The rayon lining is filled of a single-sided pile made of wool. Detachable coyote fur for the hood lining included.

Garment mud-overdyeing applied in Amami Islands, with paint-drip detail applied randomly all over. The rayon lining is filled of a single-sided pile made of wool. Detachable coyote fur for the hood lining included. Garment mud-overdyeing applied in Amami Islands, with paint-drip detail applied randomly all over.