Dissertation on East and West AXIS: Bold As Neither




I'm often told, "You've perfectly incorporated Japanese (Eastern) and American (Western) elements into this product." I guess I hear this a lot because some of the products appear that way, but something just doesn't feel right about that comment.

When my daughter was younger, I often brought her along with me to my favorite antique shop. The shop was actually a gallery run by a married couple that I love and respect. I learned a lot about old and beautiful things there.

One day, when I was at the gallery, I asked the owner's wife to look after my daughter while she was sleeping. As I became immersed in looking at the various pieces on display, I heard her murmuring something to herself while gazing upon my sleeping daughter.
"Old items are nice, but there is something special about children who will lead us into the future."

I love old things, especially those that make me feel a sense of simplicity and purity. The reason I feel this way is because they carry a message that cannot be felt with modern commercial items.
We design product through my own filter using a variety of inspirations, regardless of what time period they are from or whether they are rooted in Western or Eastern elements. That is how our manufacturing process begins.

We use everything from the latest materials developed together with suppliers from throughout the world, to more specific manufacturing methods created at traditional workshops. At times, conflicting elements can be reborn as a new part of our everyday lives.

What I love most are not Western or Eastern things, but rather creating new forms that will lead us into the future.

"Dissertation on East and West AXIS: Bold As Neither"

Hiroki Nakamura