As one of the city's most serene streets, a hundred planted Zelkova trees delightfully line the walk along Kokutai road from Tenjin to Ropponmatsu.

Nearby, the lush greenery of Ohori Park and the Gokoku Shrine surrounds vintage apartments built with elegant brickwork to match the calm cityscape.

A prominent feature of F.I.L. FUKUOKA is the white brick floor which attributes design elements from the red brick layout in the building's adjacent entrance for tenants.

The fan-shaped arrangement creates a ripple-like pattern spreading outwards from the entrance and walls; each brick made originally by applying a white glaze to natural red brick prior to re-baking in the kiln again. The natural color and unevenness produced by this finish intends for the store's organic atmosphere.

The vaulted light ceiling was designed to make use of the many structural beams, often found in similar era old buildings.

Coupled with the natural plaster walls finished by traditional craftsmen, this interaction creates a softly lit environment characteristic of what you would find in a sculpture museum.

Set deeper within the store, counters and closets are made of maple uniquely treated by naguri, an ancient Japanese wood processing technique that leaves a refined hammered finish using traditional bladed carpentry tools. Decorative accents and patterns are skillfully carved rough using chouna and tsukinomi into the lumber beams and panels; a historically admired style for gate entrances and fences, yet especially important in sukiya-style architecture for Japanese tea ceremony houses.

The craftsman's hand carved markings not only create a powerful effect to the furniture, but also bring about a warming ambience to the white-toned space.

F.I.L. FUKUOKA was designed with an appreciation in mind for the hallmarks of its building. If you find yourself in the neighborhood, please come by and experience this calm and relaxed setting. We look forward to your visit.

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