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visvim original roast coffee

Two types of beans originating from Guatemala, roasted to varying degrees, and one type of beans originating from El Salvador.
visvim original roast coffee is a blend of these three Central American coffee beans.

The full-bodied flavor, sweet aroma, and subtle hints of fruit are all characteristic of the highest grade coffee beans.
This is a balanced middle bitter roast, right between a City roast and a Full City roast 1 , and is filled with the distinctive character of hard beans 2 cultivated in volcanic ash soil.

Made as an espresso, this coffee yields a condensed extract with striking acidity and an extremely rich flavor, both of which become even more pronounced when mixed with milk.
The cafe latte served at 'little cloud coffee' uses a double shot of espresso.

When made by pour-over drip, this coffee will exhibit a balanced body with a soft sweetness and fragrance.
Through use of a special roasting technique, this coffee will not turn unpleasantly sour after cooling, and can be enjoyed as iced coffee as well.

Pour-over drip instructions

*For espresso, please follow the instruction manual specific to your machine


15g single serving, 28g double serving. A single serving requires approximately 180 cc of hot water.

Grinding the beans

It is best to use a low RPM grinder with cast iron blades, or a grinder with superior heat dispersion capabilities.
Grinders with poor heat dispersion can transfer heat to the coffee grounds, which creates a chemical reaction in the lipids of the coffee, resulting in a flavorless, bitter cup of coffee.

When using an electric grinder with rotating blades, it is best to insert the beans into the grinder while the blades are already spinning. This will ensure evenly ground beans. The consistency of the coffee extract is directly related to the evenness of the coffee grounds.

Pour-over method

Do not use water immediately after it has been boiled. Doing so will scald the coffee, so please wait until the water has cooled to 85-90 degrees celsius.

First, it is crucial to moisten the coffee grounds.
Pour hot water over the coffee grounds, and stimulate the grounds until they swell to their maximum size. If you do not use enough water, the coffee grounds will not swell and there will be unevenness in the coffee extract. If you use too much water, the coffee grounds will over-absorb water and will not swell, and the proper amount of coffee cannot be extracted.

It should not take more than 3 minutes to pour 1 cup worth of coffee. Pouring for longer than this will over-extract the coffee, resulting in a bitter mixture of flavors.

It is important to monitor both the coffee extract and the coffee grounds, and adjust the amount of water being poured accordingly. One useful rule of thumb is to use a fixed amount of water per fixed amount of beans. This will help you pour more consistently flavored coffee. It is also important to avoid pouring hot water directly onto the paper filter. Water poured directly onto the filter will flow down the dripper too quickly, resulting in watered-down coffee.

Once the desired volume has been achieved, remove the dripper from the cup, even if there is still water in the dripper. This is another way to avoid a coffee with an unpleasant mix of flavors.

1 There are eight basic coffee roasts. In order from light to dark, they are: Light roast, Cinnamon roast, Medium roast, High roast, City roast, Full City roast, French roast, and Italian roast.

2 Coffee that is grown at a relatively high altitude, usually above 1200 meters. Higher altitudes and lower temperatures lead to harder beans. Possesses a more consistent flavor than softer beans.

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