When creating a store for visvim products, natural light is one of the most important conditions for the space.

This remains uncompromised, even within the context of a shop corner of a commercial building; we consider how to build a comfortable store environment that is connected to nature: skies, sunlight, wind, and greenery, by utilizing the architectural elements of the building.

PEERLESS, which recently opened in Shibuya PARCO, features a bricked compartment which houses the shop's office connected by a change room. The deadstock bricks with unevenly grilled finishes are individually gloss-treated, creating a wet expression against a dry, coarse texture.

Obviously the bricks were laid by a craftsman's hands, so the slightly uneven surfaces and imperfect straight lines give the space warmth.

Another main characteristic of this store is the tataki style flooring. Tataki, is created by mixing earth, lime, and bittern into a soil, then laying, painting and hardening it. This kind of material has been discovered in the dirt of Japanese houses existing since ancient times. After setting, the surface is washed out with water, giving it a grainy look.

This non-flat floor absorbs natural light with high luminosity and creates comfortable brightness by reflecting it throughout the space, playing an essential role in seeing the original colors and textures of our products.

The shop's walls are authentically plaster-finished by hand and our wooden fixtures treated similarly to that seen in F.I.L. FUKUOKA (Dissertations_F.I.L. FUKUOKA). The design takes advantage of the various expressions that are scattered throughout.

Although they have a somewhat modest impression compared to the surrounding artifacts, collectively they help to create an atmosphere fitting for expressive products.

"PEERLESS", a word featured many times in throughout our collections; meaning dissimilar, or incomparable. This store will occasionally feature exclusive products.

We look forward to you coming by to enjoy the craftsmanship of the store.

TOKYO 150-8377 JAPAN
+81 (0)3 5422 3972
Business Hours : 10:00-21:00