Product Introspection: Collage



Natural veggie dyed hand-spun and hand-woven fabric by natives of the Buyi tribe, in an ethnic village in southwest China;
polka dot fabric printed using natural cochineal dye;
check patterned slub linen material, with its uneven texture enhanced by using natural indigo kasezome skein-dye technique;
striped hand-woven cotton twill, with a unique unevenness created by natural-dyed yarn selectively varied in lengths and thicknesses;

hand-sewn sashiko details using multi-colored yarns of different yarn widths;
Gara-bou spun fabric, characterized by its uniquely uneven yarns and bumpy texture, as we first introduced in FW15...
All these original custom developed textiles represent our SS19 collection; seen throughout both primary and decorative fabric uses for our products and now combining them into a playfully unique mix in our collage series.

0119101001010 CHRISTO COLLAGE

Developed since the early years of visvim, this footwear style uses a molded EVA midsole wrapped veggie-tanned cows suede, resulting in an ultra-comfortable footbed with excellent shock absorption. Finished with our custom designed outsole by Vibram.


The vegetable tanned cow leather produced by a heritage Swedish tannery is used for the upper of this running shoe silhouette. Features a Native American headpiece embroidery patch on the side. Its glossy surface is enhanced the more it is worn creating a smooth and elegant texture.

A breathable pigment free leather has been used for the lining, the EVA midsole and a custom designed sole made by Vibram has been used for the outsole.

0319102002008 FBT COLLAGE-FOLK W

The "FBT" stands as one of visvim's iconic models since the brand's establishment. This SS19 moccasin style is characterized by a fabric collage on the fringe detail.

Vegetable tanned cow suede by a heritage Swedish tannery has been used for the upper, and a custom designed sole with excellent grip and cushioning made by Vibram has been used to complete the outsole.

0119105010035 JUMBO TEE S/S COLLAGE

This cut and sew series is characterized by a fabric with a dry hand-feel, almost as if the oil has been completely removed from the yarn.

The "PEERLESS" graphic over the collage detail is individually hand-applied by stencil from a group of Kyoto-based craftsmen.

0119105013006 MECKEL PARKA (C/NY)

This hooded mods coat features a hand-painted "PEERLESS" graphic on the armband. By weaving a mix of specially twisted cotton warp and nylon weft at a high-density, the main fabric has a unique texture that combines a smooth touch with an adequate stiffness.

The parka offers excellent overall volume, with a distinct rounded silhouette and sharp sloped shoulders.


The MA-1 jacket features striking collage details on both elbows. The "PEERLESS" graphic has been individually drawn by hand. A high-density nylon twill fabric is used as the main fabric.

By applying a mud-dye finishing technique unique to Amami Ohsima, the fabric possesses a natural organic expression that cannot be reproduced with synthetic fabrics.