Product Introspection: Social Sculpture Denim Vol.3



From the top: Hiroki Nakamura's personal pair; Hiroki Nakamura's personal pair; brand new pair

RAW Denim

Newly woven denim fabric, fresh off the loom often gives off an unsettled appearance or "movement" lacking dimensionally stability.
A pre-wash treatment known as sanforization is normally carried out, in order to limit such "movement", making the fabric more stable for washing, or to prevent the denim from shrinking during the washing process.

Stabilized denim fabric such as this is used for our rigid (unwashed) denim; or applied with "wash" or "damage" finishes after the sewing stages, as finished new products.

Due to it unfinished or unsanforized nature, "loomstate" denim is characterized by its very irregular surface which has rough appearance like hand-made fabric. Our "RAW" series, which has been within our collections for a few seasons now, was developed experimenting with the potential of using the unique, unstable characteristics of this fabric. For this season's iteration we have added a slight reduction in the weft thread count compared to our previous versions of selvedge denim. This slight change in the yarn thread will lead to a much differently finished product.

To be honest, when first handling our prototypes, I found the balance between the warp and weft threads too soft. But as time passed, with repeated test wears, I came to realize that our raw denim although had the masculine characteristic and lumpy feel of loomstate denim, they wore in soft and smooth, whilst maintaining a proper rigidity and strength at the waist and behind the knees.
Recently, I've been wearing our slightly more fitted denim - so I especially enjoy our raw denim these days.

0120205005020 SOCIAL SCULPTURE 16 DAMAGED-25
New silhouette which has been added to FW20 collection. The cinch back detail features on our SOCIAL SCUPTURE 16 silhouette.

Finding the perfect pair

Hunting down the right color, shape and size among the jeans piled up on the shelves of a second-hand thrift stores can be a daunting task. But there's fun in the time spent trying on clothes that aren't quite "this" or "that".

That pair of denim you have worked so hard to find will inevitably become a unique and irreplaceable garment that you're sure to forever enjoy.

Model's height: 6'1"; Chest 36.2, Waist 30.7, Hip 37 (inch)

Our DRY DENIM is not included in this matrix as each fit/wash finish is unique per DRY DENIM style.

visvim Social Sculpture Denim continues to be presented in our collections in a variety of silhouettes, colors and treatments - which may seem a little confusing to those looking for a pair.
This season's denim range consists of 25 models alone, in eight different silhouettes and 11 different colors and finishes.

We have attempted to make things a little easier by providing the following look images, Fit Range Chart and Style Range Matrix; simply use as guide according to your preferences.
Finally, for selecting your size we welcome you try on if possible at any of our stores or stockists; or alternatively on our webstore referring to the size measurements and model height/size in the look photo.

Model's height: 6'1"; Chest 36.2, Waist 30.7, Hip 37 (inch)

From our brand's foundation until today, visvim Social Sculpture Denim has been releasing a new model each season with progressive adjustments and improvements.

Including those from past collections, our catalog contains an almost uncountable variation of denim products - however, it is our hope that you're able to find and enjoy a long-wearing favorite amongst our offerings with the added guide of the above information.