Product Introspection: SS19 Collection




Using around 10 pieces of hand-carved Ise-katagami (Ise paper stencil), the "Hyakunin-Isshu" (a classical Japanese anthology of one hundred Japanese poems by one hundred poets) is depicted by gradually "rubbing" layers of colors with a technique known as "katazurizome" (a Japanese method of dyeing fabrics using a resist paste applied through a stencil).

The fabric is a type of Tango chirimen (crepe) that features uneven grains created by untwisting normal crepe-twist yarn. Please click here for details on "katazurizome" (Product Introspection: Katazurizome).


This short-sleeved camp-collared shirt uses the Hyakunin-Isshu patterned fabric across the entire surface featuring an open design on the back like the collar on a traditional kimono.

The width of the garment offers some room, with a straight silhouette extending from the chest down to the hem.

0319105017001 HALTER DRESS (KATAZURI P.W.)

This halter neck long dress, which is made by combining several types of silk fabric and silk cotton fabrics, in addition to the Hyakunin-Isshu patterned fabric, offers a comfortable fit on the body, and features a voluminous A-line silhouette with gathered flares from the waist down to the hem.


0119101001003 SKAGWAY LO PATTEN
0119101001005 SKAGWAY HI PATTEN
0319101001002 SKAGWAY LO PATTEN W
0319101001004 SKAGWAY HI PATTEN W

These are a new type of vulcanized sneaker with a gradually thickening midsole area extending towards the toe. The upper of the sneaker is made with an original canvas fabric woven with a hard-twisted yarn, the lining is made with a soft cow leather that has a smooth texture.

A molded PU cup sole, which offers superb shock absorption, is used for the midsole, enhanced by minimizing the weight and thickness of the rubber used on the midsole, the style combines a firm sense of stability and extreme comfort.


0119105005032 SOCIAL SCULPTURE 12 DAMAGED-19
0119105006004 SS 101 JKT DMGD-1004
0319105005004 SOCIAL SCULPTURE W04 DMGD-19
0319105006002 SS 101 JKT W DMGD-1004

A new style of heavily-washed distressed denim finished in a slightly pale color. The outer appearance of the denim was designed to make it look like it had been worn for many years and washed repeatedly. The selvedge denim, made with yarns that have been randomly blended with varying staple length are then slowly woven with a traditional power loom, features a vintage-like uneven and grainy texture. Another major feature of visvim's denim is how the fabrics are produced individually by changing the dyes based on the raw or distressed finish of the denim fabric.

Various types of slub threads are used so the subtle color differences appear with more wear. An indigo-dyed deerskin is used for the back patch. There is also a hidden zipper pocket woven into the inner lining of the back pocket so that you can store coins, making this version both stylish and functional at the same time.


0119105011017 CORNET SHIRT S/S

This army shirt features a lengthy drop shoulder sleeve with wider shoulders and a large flap pocket located underneath the chest. The main fabric is made with Viyella fabric that is woven with a specially twisted yarn, and it combines a rugged yet smooth luxurious texture.

The shirt also comes with some pinback buttons depicting hand-drawn illustrations and photo collages.


This army shirt jacket features slightly large flap pockets located underneath the chest and hand warmer pockets on the sides. The main fabric is a high-density cotton fabric using specially twisted cotton yarn to create a smooth texture.

The "PALISADES VSVM" design on the back of this style have been individually hand-drawn by skilled craftsmen from Kyoto.