A place to present things and ideas we are currently thinking about.

I wanted to create a space that would allow for all of the content we have created thus far, including "visvim," "WMV" and "F.I.L. Indigo Camping Trailer," to be showcased individually in the form of multiple installations.
I also wanted this place to be a space where we can introduce not only our own content, but also other "people" and "things" that we relate to and resonate with as well.

In this free and open gallery like space, our "thoughts" along with a variety of "things" congregate and connect to create something new of value.
This is a space to transmit information in a more neutral environment.

Our newest store will open in Los Angeles.

304 S Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90013


A lot of menswear is inspired from utility clothing such as military, work or outdoor clothing.
They are clothes that were created with a specific purpose. Some were made for battle; others were made for a specific type of labor.

We try to re-interpret these pieces through our own filters and thoughts. What exactly does it mean for something to be functional or useful?
What kind of changes will we see once we take something apart and reconstruct it?

In order for me to continue being creative, the one most important thing I pay attention to is to not restrict myself into a single form.
We believe that we must constantly attempt to make change and challenge stereotypes by breaking them down.

left: 0518905013002 LINER VEST, right: 0518905013003 LINER JKT

0518905013001 GREASE MONKEY COAT

The "Contrary Warriors" experience I had helps to remind me that I am free when I look back at myself.
The Native American soldiers, who we touched on in the theme for our FW17 collection, challenged stereotypes themselves by adopting irregular behavior that was deliberately the opposite of the norm to prevent their thinking from becoming narrow-minded.

We created garments with a new concept that we had never made before. We will be introducing this new collection solely at the Los Angeles store.

0518903003001 CAMP CAP CAMO

0518903003002 MUSETTE CAMO