Established in 2000

More than a single style, visvim embodies a singleminded methodology.

Since its foundation in 2000 by designer Hiroki Nakamura, visvim has been an ongoing exercise in the pursuit of joy and timeless beauty through the discovery and creation of footwear and clothing products.
This pursuit has manifested itself in different forms - Gore-Tex outerwear, natural indigo-dyed kimonos, Native American-inspired sneakers - but the driving force behind each product has stayed the same.
Along this journey it has often been necessary to look back in order to progress forward, which just might be the truest way to articulate the visvim concept.

visvim is a journey to find happiness through creation, and the products and collections that are born each season are our most honest attempts at reaching towards that goal.

あるひとつのスタイルではなく、visvimは"ひたむき" という姿勢、在り方を表現します。




Established in 2013

Not simply a ladies analog to the visvim men's line, WMV is a bold alternative to the current offerings in womenswear today.
Taking the form-follows-function philosophy from vintage archives and infusing it with feminine silhouettes, WMV products are designed to be a bridge from the past to the future.
The visvim philosophy of pursuing happiness runs central to the WMV collection, and is augmented by the concept of making products from within.


F.I.L. Indigo Camping Trailer

Established in 2013

20th century production methods ushered in a new era of uniformly-made garments being produced on a global scale.
Deeply entrenched in the realities of making clothes in the year 2013, Hiroki Nakamura continued to explore ways in which he could create clothing with the same warmth of handmade products.

Was there no way to replicate this human touch using modern manufacturing methods?

This is when Nakamura fully embraced natural indigo dye. Impossible by nature to completely control the final output, natural indigo dye presented Nakamura a way to imbue products with an uneven, irregular, handmade warmth while still producing his clothing using the latest manufacturing technologies.
F.I.L. Indigo Camping Trailer is visvim's sole concept store and Nakamura's experimental playground, where a vintage camping trailer is the sandbox and natural indigo dye is the jungle gym.



F.I.L. Indigo Camping Trailerはvisvim唯一のコンセプトストア。ヴィンテージのキャンピングトレーラーは砂場、本藍染めはジャングルジムというように、作り手にとっての実験的なプレイグランドです。

little cloud coffee

Established in 2014

When it comes to coffee I am a total amateur, but at the end of the day it was important for me to listen to my heart and be able to say, "I would like to drink this."

In hindsight, developing coffee beans was not so different from designing a clothing collection.
I make clothes that I actually like and want to wear all the time, and I approached coffee in the same way.

The process involved countless tastings, and while there were some blends that I enjoyed and others that were just not for me, the coffee I decided on embodies visvim's brand philosophy and is something I genuinely look forward to drinking every day.